GEOHAID Ltd. has implemented a quality management system ISO 9001:2015 with certificate of approval №SOF0170289 from 09.03.2001, built in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015, respectively. BDS EN ISO 9001:2015. The system covers all structures and activities of the company.

The management of GEOHAID Ltd. attaches paramount importance to quality in the overall activities of the organization and is committed to a policy based on the following principles:

  • We work to meet the high demands and expectations of customers and the market to achieve compliance with product and service requirements, while striving for optimal technical and economic performance and complying with the prescriptions of norms and standards.
  • Quality is the result of the combined efforts of all employees in every day-to-day activity - from the customer's order, through the project to its implementation.
  • Quality management is about continuous improvement and refinement in all areas of our work based on decisions based on analysis of specific data and information, including the business environment, changes and risks associated with it.
  • We make the necessary efforts to have the quality policy adopted and implemented at all organizational levels and encourage all employees in their quality improvement work.
  • We maintain fair and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers.

To meet these objectives, we strive to effectively manage the set of interrelated and interacting processes in the company's operations.

We are convinced and believe that the successes achieved, their expansion and consolidation depend very much and mainly on our customers and partners. Our goal is to provide our customers with satisfaction and value to keep and preserve.