Warranty conditions are standard for this type of equipment and guarantee its normal functioning. The warranty period is specified on the warranty card and starts from the date of purchase of the equipment. The warranty is valid upon presentation of an original and properly completed warranty card. The warranty conditions cover all defects in the goods that are due to manufacture and not detected by factory inspection. The defect of a component is not grounds for its replacement. Replacement shall be made only after it has been established that the defect cannot be rectified. All defects during the warranty period are removed in the company service of "Geohyde "Ltd. "Geohyde Ltd accepts no liability for loss of information, loss of profit or consequential loss or damage. Devices in original box, complete set, description of the defect and operating conditions are accepted for return. The warranty is void if any attempts are made to repair any damage outside the GeoHead Ltd. service. The warranty does not cover damages resulting from: improper operation, improper installation, improper plugging into the power supply. network, improper transportation, carrying and storage, improper or insufficient maintenance, damage caused by the use of the equipment in an environment not recommended by the manufacturer (humidity, temperature, voltage, dustiness, direct sunlight, etc.), damage related to natural disasters, mechanical and/or electric shocks, vibrations, thunderstorms, etc., which would not occur during normal operation of the equipment. The warranty does not cover consumables and defects from depreciation. "GeoHead" Ltd. is responsible for the lack of conformity of the goods with the contract of sale. Complaints will only be accepted at the address below.