Laser scanner TOPCON GLS-1500

Laser scanning is among the most advanced capture technologies providing:
- unique and cutting-edge solutions
- high accuracy, speed and ease of capture
- exceptional degree of automation and reliability of results
- incredible performance and efficiency
- lower prices and budgets

These advantages guarantee its future and development.
Laser scanning can be ground-based (via a laser scanner mounted on the ground or on a moving car) and airborne (via an aircraft or helicopter).
As representatives of TOPCON for Bulgaria, we focus on terrestrial laser scanning based on TOPCON technologies:

The fully integrated TOPCON IP-S2 mobile system

The areas of application of laser scanning are:
- surveying and mapping
- mining
- architecture, urban planning, construction of buildings and facilities
- deformation monitoring
- road design and construction
- inspection of road surfaces and structures
- survey and inspection of ducts and all facilities and elements of linear infrastructure
- railway inspection and control
- water facilities
- energy
- planning, analysis and control of disasters and accidents
- internal order and security
- identifying the causes of road transport accidents and the possibilities to avoid them
- archaeology and cultural heritage sites
- when working in hazardous and inaccessible areas
- meteorology for the production of atmospheric models and forecasts
- film art, animation, computer game creation and many others