We offer a full range of hydrographic services

Back in 2001, our commercial department supplied the Navy with a complete navigation system based on GPS receivers, ground stations and digital maps.
In this order we also delivered to the Hydrographic Service of the Navy a complete system for hydrography of coastal areas at sea based on GPS receivers working in real time synchronously with the echo sounder and controlled by software already during field activities on board the vessel.

How did it get here?
Completely in the style and tradition of Geoheide, this system was tested in real conditions by our design department before being shown and offered to the client.
Our experience in hydrographic activities dates back several years earlier, to 1998.
The place - Dusantsi dam.Length 3.5 km. Average width 800 m.Depth along the longitudinal axis 39-28 m. Altitude 800m.
The team jointly from GeoHead and the Navy.
The results - the first synchronous measurement of depths and coordinates by GPS and echo sounder in Bulgaria.
In 2000 we improved the system with
Digital echo sounder
Better attachment of the transducer and GPS antenna
Semi-automatic synchronization
2001 - more improvements
-Software for automated design of gauges, movement along them on water, synchronization between echo sounder and GPS in real time
-Common vessel for rivers and dams
-Complete imaging of the Kardzhali Dam bowl with the new technology
-Delivery of such a system to the Hydrographic Service of BA-Varna

And so our hydrographic team gradually gained experience and confidence
2002 - own boat for sea
2003 - "Nature Conservationist" - ship for the high seas
2004 - Small Rivers Team
2007 - Joint combined efforts with our partners at Hydro Repair using the capabilities of their wonderful dive team and underwater cameras.
2009- Survey echo sounder with 3D visualization and bottom sediment analysis capability.
....... until now 2010

Reading the list of completed projects that follows, I understand that in 13 years we have come quite a technological way.
That is why, thanks to our highly qualified hydrographic team, we have the confidence to declare our readiness to make any project related to hydrographic research in rivers, lakes, dams and coastal marine waters, cost-effective and profitable.