Buyback of surveying instruments

If you would like to replace your old surveying instruments with new ones, we can help. When buying back surveying instruments from GEOHAID Ltd., instruments of all brands are accepted, regardless of their working condition.

Replacing an old instrument with a new one is done in the following sequence:

  1. You are stating your desire to replace your surveying instrument with a new one.
  2. We perform preventive maintenance and prepare an estimate for the purchase price.
  3. The assessment is in line with TOPCON and SOKKIA standards and the used surveying instruments market.
  4. We jointly form the purchase price .
  5. The amount your instrument is valued at is deducted directly from the price of your new choice.

    In case he wishesthey to sellthey your used surveying instrument to a preferred You market price, you may benefitthey also need our help. We will perform maintenance and certify your instrument, as well as actively mediate to find a buyer.

You can contact us at tel. 088 550 2000 or email to discuss and choose the best option for you.